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Order Stacking - FAQUpdated 10 months ago

#1. What is Order Stacking?

This is a term we developed to describe the act of merging several orders into one large package. We first started offering this service several years ago during one of our first Black Friday sales. It let customers add to their existing order for free using a shipping option called "Add to my existing order" during checkout. 

#2. How do I do it?

To enable the free "Add to my existing order" shipping method at checkout, you must first place an order that contains a pre-order product. Once that order has been placed, you will see a special shipping option at checkout called "Add to my existing pre-order (current month)". Use this free shipping option to add additional products to your existing pre-order. This free shipping option will be disabled around the middle of the given month.

#3. When does the Order Stacking period end?

The Order Stacking period ends somewhere around the middle of each eligible order stacking month. At that point, the special free shipping option with be disabled. We will then begin the process of merging orders and preparing them for shipping. Note: It will always be in effect until at least the 10th of the month.

#4. Will placing additional orders delay my shipping? 

Absolutely not. We have been merging orders for years and have developed a very streamlined solution for processing multiple orders from the same customer. Placing multiple order will have zero effect on your order processing or handling time.

#5. I'm a current Subscriber, does this change anything for me? 

Nope. You should continue to use your regular "Subscriber Shipping" method. Your orders will also continue to ship first. 

#6. Do you have additional questions?

Please send any additional questions or feedback to: [email protected]. This is the first time offering this service outside of a sales event, so please let us know what you think - whether good or bad. 

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