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Summer Subscriber Week 2024Updated 23 days ago

#1. What exactly is Summer Subscriber Week?

Summer Subscriber Week 2024 will take place the first 7 days of July! We will be offering VS Subscriptions for July through the end of the year during this seven day period, along with all kinds of other goodies and deals.

The festivities at will kick off exactly at 12:01 PM EDT on Monday, July 1st and will continue through Sunday, July 7th at 11:59 PM EDT. 

We will also have a special section featuring discounted products, refreshed on a daily basis at 12:01 PM EDT. This will include all types of releases: VS, VSA, VSP, Partner Labels and more. Inventory in this section may be limited, so it will be first come, first served. In addition to the discounts, these products will award customers with 5x VSMC loyalty points!

Please note: The daily deals will be available for all customers, not just those who sign up for the subscription.

This Summer Subscriber Week will also feature a special punch card campaign we are running exclusively for our VSMC loyalty customers. Make one purchase of $20 or more each day of Subscriber Week, earn 700 bonus points at the end of the week! 7 purchases = 700 free points! Please view your 'Rewards History' under the VSMC Rewards account page to check on your punch card progression.

#2. What is a Subscription?

Being a Subscriber is hands down the best way to experience all things Vinegar Syndrome, and the benefits are absolutely massive. 

As a Subscriber, you will automatically receive each limited edition, VS branded title released during your subscribership every month. Subscribers also receive an exclusive 50% off SRP purchase price on each title released by our sub-labels: VSA, VSU, VSP, VSL, Cinématographe and Degausser Video, our ever growing list of Partner Labels and our sister site, Mélusine

Subscribers also get access to a special Subscriber shipping option that allows you to add to your monthly package for free! We will combine all of your orders and ship you one big package each month. On top of that, Subscriber packages are always the first to ship out following any pre-order releases or sale events.

Important note: For clarification, the exclusive 50% off SRP sub-label discounts are only available for products released during your subscription period, not for any releases prior to July.

Please check out this Subscription FAQ for more info.

#3. What Subscription can I get in July? How much does it cost?

During Summer Subscriber Week, we offer the Midway Subscription which runs from July through the end of the year. Our Annual Subscription is available during regular Subscriber Week in January, and runs through the full year.

We sell our Subscriptions as a single ticket and we expect the prices to be around:

Domestic U.S. (Standard Shipping) = $475
Domestic U.S. (Deluxe Shipping) = $535

Canada = $535
International = $575

#4. I plan on signing up for the Subscription - what do I need to know?

Congrats on making your best purchase so far this year! If you plan on signing up for the Midway Subscription, please do so before making any other purchases on the site. Once you sign up, you will automatically gain access to the exclusive Subscriber discounts, shipping options, and more. 

Any additional purchases on the site will be added to your July package and shipped together out in one big package. Your next subscription package will take place in August, and so on. 

We will use the default address on your account as your initial Subscription address. If you need this adjusted at any point, please contact us so we can make the update for you. 

Important note: Expect slight delays with Subscriber pricing and discounts to take effect for new subscribers browsing the Mélusine store. Please hold off on placing any orders until you are able to see the special Subscriber pricing and discounts.

#5. I'm not a subscriber. Will I be able to add to an existing order during this period?

Yes! Order Stacking will be enabled during this this 7-day period. After you place your first order, you will gain access to the 'Add to my existing order' shipping option. You can use this option to add to your package until we begin shipping orders mid-month. 

#6. Do you have a day-by-day breakdown of what products will be added?

Important note: the '3 regular VS' titles are included in the 2024 Subscription. Everything else will be available at a discounted rate (50% off SRP) for Subscribers.

July 1st at 12:01 PM EDT
3 regular VS 

14 Partner Label releases
Daily Deal: BD Slipcovers / VSA (plus 5x VSMC points!)

July 2nd at 12:01 PM EDT
1 Cinématographe

Daily Deal: Boxes & Cases (plus 5x VSMC points!)

July 3rd at 12:01 PM EDT
1 Vinegar Syndrome Pictures

Daily Deal: BD Slipcovers / VSA (plus 5x VSMC points!)

July 4th at 12:01 PM EDT
Merch day! 

Daily Deal: Standard Editions (plus 5x VSMC points!)

July 5th at 12:01 PM EDT
1 Degausser Video

Daily Deal: BD Slipcovers / VSA (plus 5x VSMC points!)

July 6th at 12:01 PM EDT
1 Vinegar Syndrome Archive

Daily Deal: BD Slipcovers / VSA (plus 5x VSMC points!)

July 7th at 12:01 PM EDT
1 Vinegar Syndrome Labs

Daily Deal: 4K UHDs (plus 5x VSMC points!)


#7. When will everything ship?

We will begin shipping orders in mid-July, with Subscriber packages being shipped first. Please allow extra time for shipping due to expected high order volume. We hope to have everything shipped out by August 1st. 

#8. This is all great, but my Halfway to Black Friday order still hasn't shipped yet.

We are expecting to have all Halfway to Black Friday orders shipped out before Summer Subscriber Week begins.

#9. I have a specific question that was not answered here.
Please visit our Help Center for additional information.

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