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Vinegar Syndrome / Distribpix Press ReleaseUpdated a year ago



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Steven Morowitz 

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July 25, 2023


A Home Video Merger of Epic Proportion  


Bridgeport, Connecticut - Vinegar Syndrome is excited to announce an exclusive distribution partnership with legendary NYC-based exploitation and sexploitation producer and distributor, Distribpix Inc.


This partnership will bring Distribpixs extensive catalog of close to 300 feature films to Home Video, including countless never on disc titles as well as classic exploitation films from genre masters such as Michael and Roberta Findlay, the Amero Brothers, Joe Sarno, Chuck Vincent, Radley Metzger, Ron Sullivan, and Shaun Costello, among dozens more. Additionally, Distribpixs unprecedented archive of key 1960s and early 70s exploitation rarities, many of which have been completely unavailable since the VHS and early DVD era, will at last be making their return to disc, all newly restored and presented in the type of deluxe, collector-centric editions that both Distribpix and Vinegar Syndrome are known for creating.


Vinegar Syndrome co-founder Joe Rubin, in describing the collaboration said, Vinegar Syndrome and Distribpix have worked together before Vinegar Syndrome existed. This venture has been a long time coming and I couldnt be more excited to be working on preserving, restoring and releasing this collection. So many of the best and most significant sexploitation and early hardcore features were produced by Distribpix and it is an honor to finally be able to consider them part of the Vinegar Syndrome family.


Head of Distribpix Inc, Steven Morowitz responded The gang at Vinegar Syndrome is wonderful; they opened their doors and welcomed me into their family. I am honored and grateful for this opportunity and together we are going to produce some absolutely amazing packages. Vinegar Syndrome is the best at what they do, from the highest quality restorations, to top-notch physical releases, so this really is a perfect match and the best spot for Distribpix. Our companies not only thrive on excellent restorations and releasing, but there is a major emphasis on film preservation and archiving, which was equally attractive to me.”


While schedule specifics are still being worked out, Radley Metzger and Gerard Kikoines, The Tale of Tiffany Lust (1981), starring Veronica Hart, Vanessa Del Rio, Desiree Cousteau, Samantha Fox, George Payne, and Dominique St Clair, will be making its world 4K UHD and Blu-Ray debut late this summer, while Michael Findlays notorious Flesh Trilogy is being prepared for a Blu-Ray release this fall, in partnership with Something Weird Video. Additionally, the Command Cinema line which has been distributed by Distribpix for the last several years will also be joining the Distribpix/Vinegar Syndrome family and will see both Blu-Ray and 4K debuts of producer/director, Cecil Howards acclaimed erotica. 



This monumental merger coincides with the launch of Mélusine, a new online marketplace for premium home video editions of sexploitation and hardcore cinema primarily produced during both genres’ golden ages: the early 1960s through the late 1980s. In addition to serving as the new retail home for Command Cinema, several other brandings will be launched: 


Mélusine, which will serve as the flagship brand, will offer deluxe 4K UHD/Blu-ray combo pack editions of some of the landmark works in hardcore theatrical features, with an emphasis on works by the genres most acclaimed filmmakers. 


Quality X, the name of which pays homage to what was one of the most esteemed early home video distributors of erotic entertainment, will offer single film Blu-ray editions of standout and hidden gem theatrical hardcore features from around the globe. 


Distribpix itself will become home to all things sexploitation, pulling from both Vinegar Syndrome and Distribpixs vast libraries and ranging from the earliest nudie cuties all the way through the tail end of theatrical softcore. Releases will be single, double and triple feature Blu-rays.  


Finally, Vinegar Syndromes acclaimed hardcore feature branding, Peekarama, will continue to offer double feature Blu-rays of hardcore films in all genres.

In keeping with Vinegar Syndrome and Distribpix’s focus on film preservation, releases under all branding will meet the highest standards in presentation quality and the most comprehensive available extras.



The union between the two companies will produce the widest and most diverse catalog of exploitation, sexploitation and classic hardcore features, available on disc anywhere in the world.

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